Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 6
I had a much better day yesterday. I went out and bought protein shake mix so that even when I am not hungry I still have some calories. I got chocolate and after 5 days of nothing sweet it was the best treat ever. I also went through some weight watchers cookbooks that I have and found a bunch of recipies that I can still have if I just tweak them a bit.
Today I am going to try to plan something educational, low cost, and fun for the boys to go see. I am homeschooling them for the summer in an attempt to get them caught up to where they should be. Wish me luck.
Ok so the moment you have all been waiting for I weighed in this morning at 207.2. This is more then 9 pounds in 6 days. Look out Mom and Tiana I am getting really close to pounds 10 and 11. I got a few sponsors at the beggining of my mission but a ton around pound 20. I am hoping by day 30 to be at 20 pounds lost. My first mini goal was to be less then 200 by the time I start at CSU San Bernardino on Sept 20 I am feeling really great about getting to that goal. If I get to 194.5 before then I will have lost 10% of my body weight and get to buy some new school clothes on Shawn as one of my goals. Shawn is being really supportive and doesn't mind my tuna in a bowl at the dinner table as long as I make then something else. Thanks also to a few people who have been calling and checking in on my progress.
I will admit one more thing today. I am usually not a competitive person but one of my main modivations is my Mom. She has lost almost 60 pounds. We now talk almost daily to see who's lost what that day and check in with what we are both at. Thanks Mom.
I also added a yucky pic that I thought of as a modivation. This was from our beach trip this year. Enjoy.

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