Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 5
Good Morning. Ok well I am weighing in this morning at 208.8 so that takes us to 7.6 pounds so far. I know .2 is alot smaller then what I have been doing but let me tell you why my jaw dropped to even see a loss this morning.
We went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner for Cody's birthday. Rainforest cafe I must tell you know that I have been there while trying to eat healthy is not a good choice for dieters. I took my dressing and got a side salad with just lettace. All of their salads, fish, and chicken are fried, coated with something, stuffed with something, nothing is a good option. I looked in the appetizer section and they had lettace wraps with lime grilled chicken breast, veggies, and rice noodles. I ordered it with no rice noodles but they were still on the plate when it came so I pushed them to the side and did not touch them. Here was the shocker the grilled chicken was not grilled at all instead it was small chunks of chicken swimming in teriyaki sauce and the veggies were also in a dressing. I did not want to return the food and ruin Cody's night so I just dealt with it. I filled 2 giant lettace leaves with alot of veggies and a little bit of chicken. I tried my best to get as little sauce from the chicken as I could but I still was not very succesful.
Another thing I learned is I love food, ok I already knew this but man was it hard to not nibble any of Shawn's crab stuffed shrimp or bread. What I do need to really work on is portion control. I got up from the table really full. I should have eaten less.
Anyways after dinner I came home and the web does not offer nutritional info you have to email the company for it. So to judge how bad I really did I can't even do, maybe it is better that way.
SOrry about the long post but now you can see why I am even glad that the scale went down this morning.
Have a great day everyone.

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