Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 16
One thing I love about Shawn being gone is that I can watch stupic girl movies and cry with no one caring. Last night I watched Love comes softly and Loves abiding promise on the hallmark channel. I have seen them before but there is something much more gratifying when you can ball your eyes out if you want. I need to get the next one in the series for the next time Shawn is gone(He is in Texas for business Aug.1,2,3). We used to tease my Mom becasue she cried at the news, commercial, stories, books, you name it she could cry to it. I think it is like they say becareful who you tease because it will come back and bite you. I can now cry at just about anything. I have learned if you blow up towards you eyes it keeps you from crying. I use this tactic at least once a day.
Ok so on with the pound stuff. I weighed in this morning at 199.2 which brings me to 17 pounds. I am getting excited because I have sponsors coming up for 20-25. The rest of my weight loss they are spread out every 3-5 pounds but this is the one good clump that I have. I am excited to see what people have planned as modivation for me. Exciting!
Well have a great Sun. I am getting ready for Shawn to come home tommorow. Yeah!

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