Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 19
Last night we were not able to go to Bass Pro Shop because Shawn has been working his butt off lately. He has been going in early and staying really late. I feel really bad that he is working so hard for our family. Ok well we had a great dinner of bbq artichokes and chicken, Yum. After dinner we asked the boys to pick a family movie for all of us and they picked Ghostbusters. We layed around and enjoyed each others company, I even threw in a foot rub for Shawn. We are going to go to BAss this weekend or next week instead.
I weighed in this morning at 198.2 up 1 pound from yesterday. During dinner we were talking about artichokes and how much fiber they have. I think my body is not used to so much fiber in 1 sitting. I have the worst stomach ache this morning. We might from now on make artichokes a special occasion food. I am ok with 1 pound up becasue I know 2 things, 1 I am still down for the week, and 2 the weight will come back off. 3 pounds and I am getting my tattoo redone. I am getting wildflowers that represent something to me. I am getting a daffodil becasue it is my favorite, a stargazer lily becasue it was our wedding flower, an iris for my Grandma Mary, and a few more if they can fit it all. I am excited because I have been wanting my tatto redone for years and I am almost there. Yeah.
Have a glorious day!

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