Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 21
I once heard that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. I have officially been on this diet for 21 days so it should become a habit right? Pizza went really well last night. We had alot of fun with the crazy, loud Brenner Family. I did eat antipasta salad with a few slices of meat and cheese. stopped before we went to dinner and got a grilled chicken breast as my main meal. I did have cheese which I normally don't have and I took 1 bite of pizza and 1 mini bite of chocolate cake. I called the night a success. I also had tons of comments on how you can definitly tell that I am losing the weight which was awesome. I got my 23 pound gift from my Mother in law Connie which is not sitting on my fireplace staring at me. Hi to all the girls at City of Industry Chamber of Commerce and thanks for reading this:)
I have had a few people ask who sponsored what pounds or tell me that they want more pounds and what are available so I am going to post my pound sponsors on my blog for all to see. If you want to add yourself on just let me know by email.

Help Ali to her goal chart
1- _____41-Shawn 81-_____
2-_____ 42-_____ 82- _____
3-_____ 43-_____ 83-JimandKim
4-_____ 44-_____ 84- ______
5-_____ 45-Ali P._ 85-Shawn
6-_____ 46-Tiana
7- _____47-Corrine
8- _____48-
9- _____49-
10-Mom Wood__ 50-Mom Wood
11-Tiana __51-
12-Cody__ 52-
13-______ 53-
14- ______54-

15-Ali P ___55-Jim and Kim
16- ______56-
17- ______57-Carrie Jones.
18-______ 58-Shawn, Dad
19- ______59-
20-Mom Wood 60-Mom Wood
21-Shawn ___61-
22-Pauline__ 62-
23-Mom Brenner 63-
24-Bri _____64-
-Ali P. ___65-Ali P.
26- _______66-
27-_______ 67-

28- _______68-Garrett
29- _______69-
30-Mom Wood 70-Mom Wood
31-JeanneandRandy 71-
32- _______72-
33- _______73-

34-_______ 74-Shawn
35-Ali P____ 75-PamandDirk
36-_______ 76-
37- _______77-

38-Cody ____78-
39-Garrett__ 79-
40-Mom Wood 80-Mom Wood

I weighed in this morning at 196.8 so I am up alittle from yesterday. Sorry Mom I am not giving the earrings back. I am hoping to be back at an even 20 tommorow. Thanks everyone for reading I really do enjoy all the support.

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