Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oct. 31, 1007
Happy Halloween
I woke up this morning and got my skeleton and bat off to school. They woke me up to paint their faces and get them ready 1 1/2 hours before they had to leave and then they sit there sad because they are ready to early. kids! They turned out so cute. I will post a picture of all 3 tommorrow.
I have to study all day today for a midterm that I have tomorrow. it was supposed to be an open note test but the teacher told us yesterday that she changed her mind and now it is no notes. I have so much studying to do it is crazy. So if you know anything on the Napoleonic Era and it's art or romanticism give me a call. I need all the help I can get.
I had a tough diet day yesterday. One of my classes met at an art history luncheon so free lunch. That is always hard becasue you don't know what they are going to feed you. I actually got a comment on how little of an amount I was eating. It was free whyy didn't I take a bunch of desserts. I was good and had a salad and bowl of broth that was supposed to be chicken noodle and I just ate the liquid. Dinner I was starving so I got a pollo bowl and ate half of it and then I got home and ate 1/2 of a beef and cheese burrito. Oops. Sounded good until the end.
I weighed in this morning at 164.6
Have a great evening of fun everyone.

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