Friday, October 26, 2007

Oct. 26, 2007
Shawn owed me a 41 pound gift and was waiting for me to figure out what I wanted. I had forgotten and the other night he asked again. He asked if I needed clothes which I did so he gave me money to go shopping. I spent the day yesterday shopping for me. I actually found clothes. I am so used to stuff not fitting and getting all upset when I shop. I actually had a good time. I am not wearing a size 12, it fits perfectly not snug of anything. I also can fit into a medium top. Yeah. I have a pair of jeans that I have not worn in like 9 years. I got them on yesterday and they fit. Yet another yeah.
I have an issue. After you have c-sections your muscles never quite go back to normal in your stomach because they cut through them. When I put pants on I actually have to tuck my stomach in to my pants. It is just skin now. The most exciting part is a few years ago Shawn asked if I ever lost the weight would I want plastic surgery to fit all my c-section damage. At first I was not big on the idea but the more I lose the more I am excited that he is willing to pay for the surgery that I now really want. When I get to my goal I am going to have some fix up surgery.
I weighed in this morning at 165.2 again. Yesterday I met Shawn for lunch and had a big salad with peperoni and ranch which are both no no's and last night we split a burrito from our favorite Mexican joint. Was not a bad day, I just didn't lose.
Have a great weekend. I am going to making 2 costumes :)

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