Monday, October 29, 2007

Oct 29, 2007
What a busy weekend. We spent the weekend cleaning and redoing the garage. There was some shelving but not enough and on the wrong wall. Shawn built shelves down one whole side of the garage and I got to clean, trash, and organize all the junk we own and can't get rid of.
We took the kids to a pumpkin patch and carved pumpkins which is always a fun and messy job. They turned out to cute. Cody carved a puppy, Garrett a ghost, and Pj a happy face with Mommy's help that he now is calling Jack. He keeps walking over to it and giving it kisses and saying Hi Jack. I will feel bad when the pumpkin rots.
We clean up the back and front yards, layed new bark, and planted some new plants.
The Boys for Halloween decided that they wanted to make their own costumes. Garrett a skeleton and Cody a bat. We also made both of their costumes. For Cody we took a black sweat suit and sewed an old umbrella's material on the back so it looks like wings. We also sewed ears on a beenie for a hat. Garrett's was a little harder, we printed up picks of skeletons and my Bro drew some examples and we copied them with paint onto a black sweat suit as well. They turned out better then I thought they would and I spent less then $20 for both costumes.
I did really well this weekend. I am at the same weight that I started the weekend at. 165.2 and 51 pounds lost.
Have a great day everyone. Oh, and we got George Strait tickets this weekend. Our annual trip with Matt and Scott Jones. Vegas Baby!!!

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