Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oct. 3, 2007
Yesterday I get to school a little early becasue I had purchased clay over the weekend that I needed to get into the ceramics studio before class. There are 2 parking spots near the studio and I was hoping one would be open. Nope. I had to carry a 50 lbs box of clay half way across campus. I finally got there and I literilly had lost feeling in my arms. I had 2 boxes but the other one is going to have to wait. The best part was about 2/3 through my walk I realized that I am really close to 50 pounds lost. This crazy amount of weight that I hardly made it across campus with is the same amount as what was on my body dragging me down a few months ago. What an awesome feeling.
We need a little prayer for Shawn. I told you guys yesterday that we would get his MRI results in the end of Oct. Well the Doc. called Shawn yesterday and said that he wants to see him on Tuesday instead. Shawn was 1/2 asleep when he told me but I think he said the doc doesn't want to wait that long. It doesn't sound good if they are pushing his appt. up to next week. best part is Shawn is having a crazy work week and Matt and Shawn are going to Tennessee for the weekend so I don't think he will be thinking of it to much. Someone asked how he was doing and I thought I haven't told you in awhile. His arm is usable, he writes and can do daily stuff but his elbow is still in pain and he cannot extend his arm all the way out even if he tries, I guess this is where physical therapy comes in. His knee is still in constant pain. He limps all the time. He comments how it is still just as bad as when he did it. We figured something was wrong we just hope it is easily fixed and won't bother him the rest of his life. He still has this weird thing where his knee will buckel and casue him extreme pain. He does this mostly when he is waking down stairs or forgets and squats down. So please be thinking and praying for him. I know he is worried even if he doesn't talk about it.
I weighed in this morning at 170.8. I actually am going to be in the 160's very soon. Yeah for me. Watch out people I have alot of sponsors coming up again.
I am so excited. Shawn and I are going golfing. Mpm is going to a golf tourney in a few weeks and I get to play. Shawn gets the itch to go fishing, I now get the itch to go golfing. Wish we could do it more. I guess we might be one of those old couples that golf alot. That would be awesome.
Have a great day.

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