Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oct. 24, 2007
So right after I posted yesterday a fire broke out a few miles from our house. We were all ashy all day. Luckily the wind blew it but not to much. We were a little worried becasue it is all empty field with old grape vines so if it jumped Cherry ave. it would have been right in the field behind our house. Our house has ash inside and out. It smells aweful. It looks much better today and our fire is out. Yeah...
So Ali has no school this week. My school is a mess becasue of the winds and fire. They cannot let us into the classrooms because the air in the classrooms is unhealthy. The air outside is like breathing pure ash. I had a test for Thur. but now I have all weekend to study which I really needed.
I weighed in this morning at 166.2 which puts me at 50 pounds lost. I lost another 1.2 pounds since yesterday. Shawn called yesterday and asked if I would make him his favorite pasta dish of course I said yes. I went to the market and as soon as I realized that I was spending over $60.00 I put everything back and went and bought the actual dish from Macaroni Grill, I got a yummy salad with scallops, cheese, panchetta, I actually went out and got something good for me. I am getting closer to my goal.

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