Monday, October 8, 2007

oct. 8, 2007
Good morning. Shawn comes home today. I am excited like a little kid everytime I know I get to see him after he has been gone a few days. Today is getting the house in order and maybe getting him a welcome home gift like a cd or something small.
I went to The Brenner's yesterday. I had a great time. It is hard to get myself excited when SHawn is not there and I know I am going to have all 3 boys by myself, a drive at night but I really had alot of fun. I also got my 49 pound gift sitting on my fireplace, No idea what it is but it smells good. I also got my 45 pound gift this weekend from Ali. I got these super cute yankee candle holders for haloween with yummy candles, a kitchen set with soap and lotion in pumkin spice smell, some cool pencils, and a day planner notebook. I love pumpkin spice this time of year, it makes it seem like fall. Thanks Ali.
We had yummy chicken last night with a cranberry sauce over it. I was glad because this is the first time I have gone to someones house since starting the diet and everything they served I could eat. It was fantastic. I even had a few bites of pumpkin pie becasue I did so good on dinner.
I weighed in this morning at 169.4 whoohoo I am in the 160's. Yeah for me. Seemed like before the diet I would have killed to be in the 160 range and now I am here. Thrilling day. Ok enough of that. Have a great week people.
Shawn has him MRI results tomorrow so Ill let you know on Wed. what is going on.

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