Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3, 2008
Good morning.
What a fun and busy weekend.
Sat. A.M. I met some H.S. friends for breakfast which turned into almost lunch time before we left the resteraunt. I love spending time with the girls. Everyone needs it once in awhile. Sat. early evening we went with some family members to Bass Pro shop and had a fun time wondering and eating at the resteraunt. The food was ok. I think it depended on what you ordered. Mine was not so good but Shawns was yummy. We will go again sometime and get something else.
Sun. we woke up and got to the early service at a local church. It is a huge church of about 6000 members but we went to the early service so it wasn't as full. The pastor was great and the kids had fun. We will try it a few more time before we make it a home but it is like less then 5 min. from our house which was fantastic. The rest of the day was movies and relaxing. I am excited because my brother in law Dirk did come over and give me his old ceramics wheel. I can now work from home if I need to.
Garrett has an ok weekend. He is still a little depressed and didn't want to go to school today again. We made him go because he is going to be talking with a greif counselor today. Also we talked to his teacher and he is going to discuss with the class about the teasing that has been going on. Shawn and I have been really thinking about it and if things don't get better we might homeschool him until he starts Jr. High next year. He just isn't himself and no one wants to feel like that all the time. So continue to pray for him.
Well I am off to the market. We are out of food and I haven't had time to go shopping in awhile so today is the day.
Oh weighing in. I lost my scale. Porter was playing with it on Friday and I can't seem to figure out where he put it. So no weigh in today. I did have a terrib;e weekend so maybe that is a good thing.

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