Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008
Pj is sick. Our day is going to be hanging out at home and trying to get him feeling better.
I am coming down to the last few weeks of school. I have finals tomorrow for ceramics and tues. for photo. It is a little stressful dut I am doing ok.
On the diet front. Nothing. i am still looking for the scale. I think it may be under a bed or something. I keep thinking about restarting my diet but can't seem to get back on track. I have made a final decision. We are going camping for easter and the week after I have spring break. We are coming back on Monday so Tuesday I am officially back on my diet. That is final. I need gental help and reminders to keep me on plan. I am going to get Shawn to help me keep on track at home. We have the beach trip in June, a wedding in the end of April, Summer and less clothing, I need to get back on so I can feel better about myself. Right now I want to cover up and wear baggy stuff again. Not ready for summer at all. So Tues. March 25th it is diet and regualr excercise back in my daily schedule. I don't want to be in a bikini or anything but I would love to feel like I can wear a tank top if i want to. So March 25th keep me in your prayers.
By the way we decided to do the ceramics grading for my clay baby and all the other sculptures outside yesterday. We were also having a clay sale for the clay club (I didn't put anything in the sale this time) well I was working the sale and 2 people asked if my baby was for sale. I was also told to enter him in a student show where you can sell them for any amount you want. One woman who works at the school told me to put a price of $1000 and see if he sells. Can you believe that. I don't think I could sell him, he is dear to my heart, but to sell something I made for $1000 bucks awesome.
Take it easy.

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Tiny said...

You have a plan and that's great! When you restart, I know you'll be able to do it. Getting Shawn involved for a bit is a good idea too. Hang in there, you'll get back on track in no time. BTW, awesome to hear about the potential price you could sell your baby for. I wouldn't sell it eitheir though, you worked too hard and I'd be attached to something I made that came out that great too. Anyhow, take care and we'll talk soon. :O)