Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20, 2008 for March 21, 2008
Ok since we are leaving tomorrow I am doing a thur. night edition instead of posting tomorrow.
So I had a rough day today.
I left this morning to go take Pj to daycare so could work on my final paper at home. I went to the gas station and realized I had left my purse on the roof of the car to get Pj in the car and forgot it and drove away. My purse is gone. I am thinking someone found it and took it. I has $265 in cash for the next 2 weeks groceries and gas. I also had bank cards, license, andd that kind of stuff. I spend a ton of the day calling places and feeling depressed for being so stupid.
I got home from dropping Pj off and they had turned our power off to do some work on the street. That meant no internet to do my paper for my online class. I drove to Shawn's work and spent the day there getting that done.
I went to the market but once I got my cart didn't fee like shopping so I left and will go back tomorrow.
Now I am home stressed about my darn purse and because the power was out I still have laundry and stuff to do to get ready for the weekend.
Well I am praying to be in a better mood and not worried about the whole situation.
We are excited about camping and a weekend away.
Happy Easter.

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Tiny said...

Hey Ali. I'm sorry to hear about your rough day. Bummer about your purse especially.:( I hope that you are able to sweep it all out of your mind for the weekend though as you just relax and enjoy some quality time camping with your family. Happy Easter (and prayers for a happy heart too!) Love ya sis!