Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26, 2008
Day 2 but officially day 1.
So yesterday I was so busy I didn't have time to eat much through the day. I had a pear and hard boiled egg. That was it so at dinner I decided to make this my "last meal" kind of idea and we had mexican. So today I am stocked, have read the how to's, and am ready to go. I have been looking into a ferw diets and wanted something still low in bad carbs, but higher in veggies, fruit, and still high lean protein. I think I found it. I am going to be following a program called 10 years thinner, 6 weeks to a leaner you. Here are the rules.
- Eat 3 meals a day that contain 1 serving of lean protein ( 2 eggs, chicken, turkey, shell fish, tuna), 1 serving of fruit ( fresh no dried) or veggies (fresh or frozen). 1 serving of fruit is 1 fist, 1 veggie is 2 fists. and 1 serving of protein is the size of you hand including fingers.
- eat a midmorning and midafternoon snack that is 1/2 c. of nuts (no peanuts) or seeds, and 1 serving of fruit.
- drink 60 oz. water each day. Water can be iced tea, sparkling water, crystal light.
- also you take a multi vit. each day, a calcium pill, magnesium, and fish oil. All are nutrients that you can't really get enough of by eating but you need to be healthy. I am excited because it says it will help acne which we all know I struggle with.
So that is the bacis plan I am going to try to follow.
Lets see yesterday I had to take the dogs to get their shots. They had not been groomed in awhile so I decided to do that before we took them to see the vet. Their hair cuts took 3 hrs. Yuck. When I was done with their hair the boys and I went to buy the dogs a leash and while we were at the store I ran into a girl from high school. I was standing their and heard Allison? Oh no. I was covered in dog hair, no makeup, and basically was a total mess. She looked fantastic in great clothes with nice hair. You get the picture. It was great to see her I just wish I wasn't such a mess. We got the dogs shots and don't have to deal with that again for 3 years.
Not much else. Watched Biggest Loser last night. Oh and I got an A in my ar history class. So 2 A's and one unknown.

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