Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10, 2008
Between wind and 3 earthquakes in Fontana this weekend we were busy. We went and got Garretts friend Austin on Sat. am and headed to the beach for my grandfathers 87 b-day. We all went to lunch on the pier and had a ton of fun. When we got home the boys all played and we started planning dinner. We had hambugers and bbq in the backyard. Yum. We also made cookies. The boys stayed up really late. We had an earthquake at about 1 in the morning. It was enough to wake us up to check on the kids. When we got up and were throwing on robes we had another one. They were both around a 4.0 In case you don't know I hate earthquakes more then anyone in the world. Hate them!!! So I hardly slept the rest of the night.
Sun we woke up and I went to school for a few hours. My birdbath exploded in the kiln. I now have no 2nd project for my class. So today I am going to try to make something so it looks like I have some kind of project. Bummer. The rest of the day we clean some stuff around the house. Shawn tried to make something on my wheel. He did really good for his first time. I was impressed. he was much better then I was the first time.
Last night we went to bed and had another earthquake. it was small I think a 2.5 but it was in Fontana so we totally felt it again. This morning we have the roofers back again to finish.
Well I am off to work on my projects.

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