Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008
Not much to report today. School is my lilfe right now. As finals approach things in school start to speed up. I finished my birdbath and I am hoping it drys before Thursday so I can fire it in the kiln. My final for that class is next Thursday and I need something finished for a grade.
Garrett seems to be doing a little better. We don't talk much about it. He isn't tired all day so I guess he is feeling a little better.
Cody is student of the week this week. We made a poster and book for him to share with the class. Friday he gets to take a treat in to share with the class.
My scale is still MIA but I am still not dieting again. I just wish I could get back to being serious once again. Seems so easy but man is it hard.
Well off to do some school work.

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