Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14, 2008
That is my main thing today. I am so glad this week is over. Yeah!!!!
I am officially done with ceramics for the quarter. I have a 2 week break from that class. My instructor is out of town next week so instead of 1 week off we get 2. got the best news yesterday. My ceramics instructor is pregnant and going on maternity leave next quarter. This was a bummer until I found out who might be her replacement for the quarter. She told me yesterday that is is a 50/50 between a guy who used to teach there and cerammics instructor from my junior college. I am so excited. I learned so much from him. It would also be a great oppritunity for him to deal with real ceramics students. So I am praying he gets the job. I will know when I show up the first day back to school.
I also finished my photo project yesterday and present it next week. Last is my online class. I have to write a few page papers next week. Might be tough but I am doing really well in the class. I have gotten all A's to this point.
This weekend we are going to my nephews birthday party and Sunday the boys are going to be in a karate tournament in Long Beach. This will be their first tournament. I am excited to see what goes on at these things.
Well have a great weekend.

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