Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008
Sat. I did really well. Shawn was gone until 2 so dieting was easy. Sat. I bought a whole pineapple and ended up eating more then 1/2 of it myself. Yum. We had ardichokes for dinner so I had a half of one with about 2 T of mayo. Then dessert came. We went to Ben and Jerrys. I had never been there before. I don't think I have ever even had it from the market. I got a single scoop of fhish food in a waffle cone and share some of it with Shawn.
Then Sunday came. We got up and went to church and before church I had a hard boiled egg and a plum. When we got home we were both starving. We got food from a burger joint. I didn't watch it at all I ate a little of everything. We had chili fries, a burger, onion rings, and a pastrami sanwhich that we all shared. I was so full I felt aweful. Then dinner I had a single taco from Taco bell. Here is the worst part I had about 600 calories of pepsi. Now a good day. My stomach is all turned and not happy today.
I woke up this morning and my verdigo is back. It isn't as bad as the first time I got it but it is still there.
Today I need to clean the house and get ready fo tomorrow. I go back to school tomorrow. I am glad to go back but I will be going from 10am tor 10pm again. Not my favorite schedule. I will be taking ceramics, art and technology(no idea what this is) and some required class that is non art called legacy of life. Should be a good quarter.
So for the weigh in 170.2 again. Good thing is it should come off fast. Bad thing is it is like 3.5 pounds gained in 2 days. Sad. I also am really going to try to get the treadmill in the house today.
Have a good one,

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Tiny said...

Wow...where to begin? Love the new look of your blog site! What a total bummer about the vertigo coming back (will pray it passes quickly.) And how cool that you received quick and direct support from the author of the book you're following. The things you're eating sound super duper healthy too so that's great! Forget about the slip up this weekend and just get back on top of things and you'll be set for success--easier said than done though, I know. I'll try to take my own advice too! Take care Ali! Talk to ya soon. :O)