Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wed. March 19, 2008
Well Garrett got sent home from school on Monday. Tues. both of the older 2 boys woke up covered in a rash head to toe. Needless to say they have been home with me now for 3 days with a rash. We toook them to the doc this morning and they have fifths disease. I guess it isn't a big deal but spreads really easily. Pj woke up this morning and he now has the rash to. What fun. 3 sick kids. We are trying to get the older two to school tomorrow but we will have to wait and see in the morning.
I am officially done with ceramics, and photography now. I have a 2 pg. paper to write before friday. I am just going to be glad to get time without the boys to get it done.
Shawn is also ill. He is getting a cold.
I swear all of this just in time for our big camping trip.
Well thats it for today. Sick and sicker.

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