Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25, 2008
Today is the day. Diet again day.
I have been off of my diet since a few days before Christmas and have done a week here and there but not really on track at all. Basically I have been free as a bird eating wise for 3 mo. Let me tell you this is not a good idea. I have gained 20 lbs back in 3 mo. Ouch.
I weighed in this morning at 172.8 That is 40 pound from my goal.
The diet I was doing before wasn't the healthiest way to lose weight. One I was on it for a little bit (3mo or so) I had effects from being to low in calories. I am going to be doing something with low carbs but I am going to allow myself natural carbs like brown rice once in awhile, oatmeal, beans, veggies (but still no corn or peas) , I am going to do some research in the next few days to figure out what I need calorie, fat, carb to lose but stay healthy. Today is going to be about setting up my foods, and I am sure some struggle saying no to myself.
I still have no news on the purse situation.
We had alot of fun this weekedn camping. We swam, played mini golf, and hung out. Mon. we went to SeaWorld again with our passes. Love that place it is relaxing and fun.
Well I am off to get reorgonized for a fresh new start.

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