Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January 1, 2008
Happy New Year. For todays post I decided to do a few thing. Shawn and I usually use the New Year to look back at what we have done in the past year. Here is what I have done in 2007
-celebrated our 10 year anniversary
-turned 29 years old
-Celebrated our 1 year anniversary in our house.
-Started a Csu San Bernardino as a Junior
-Home schooled the boys for the summer.
-nursed Shawns softball injuries
-Succeded in keeping the kids alive and well for one more year.
-Lost 64 pounds.

Here is what my plan is for 2008
- Celebrate our 11 year anniversary
- Turn the big 30!
- Continue with school and get great grades.
-Keep the kids alive and well one more year.
- Continue my weight loss journey

My New Years Resolution was hard this year. I have for so many years said to lose weight well I am going to continue with that but I want to better myself by working on something else that bothers me about me. I am going to work on being more willing to do things and look forward to them. I tend to be homebound. If Shawn goes fishing I stay home with PJ. I tend to still worry about what people will think if I dance in public, sing out loud, have fun once inawhile. So I am going to be more willing to do the things that I tend to reserve myself from doing. I am going to live a little. So if you see me danceing like an idiot or singing out load maybe riding a skateboard or swimming in the ocean don't think I am crazy instead join in and have fun. I am going to look forward to the unplanned, non controlled, off the wall situations in 2008.

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