Friday, January 25, 2008

Jan. 25, 2008
I am actually here. I know it is shocking. I am sorry I have been kind of inconsistent.
Yesterday I went to school and we had our first clay club gathering. We did a 30 min. Tea Pot challenge. The idea was you had 30 min to make a full teapot and then they were judged. There were about 12 people who made teapots. We had fun. They were judged and I would have won 1st place but because I am v.p. I couldn't win. I think it is cool just to know I would have won. Yeah to me.
Lets see this weekend we are going to the Garth Brooks concert. I am excited. The kids are going to their Grandparents and are spending the night. Whoo hoo no kids for like 20 hours.
What else is going on in our world. The kids are starting Karate tonight. They are so excited. They have been walking around making karate noises and kicking things. It has been fun. I can't wait until they actually learn something.
Weight wise I am still maintaining. I am at 163 this morning. I am planning on restarting strict again after my B-day. I need to fit into all the cute clothes before summer. Before this diet I wore a 2x in shirts and a 20 in pants. Now I am a 12 in pants and a L in shirts. I love being able to go into a store and fit into all kinds of things. I am a clothes addict. I change about 10 times every morning. I think it drives Shawn crazy. The only problem I have is they are always out of 12's I guess it is a popular size. I would love to be an 8 by the end of all of this all though a 10 would be fantastic as well.
Ok have a great weekend.

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