Monday, January 14, 2008

January 14, 2007
First and formost Happy Birthday to My Mother in law Connie. I hope you enjoy your day.
Ok well I had a great weekend. Lots of visiting and enjoying my familys company. We had a shower for my sis in law that went really well. All woman and food. That night we went to Benihanas for dinner. More food and family. Sun was a bday party for my Brother and niece and you guessed it more food. Why do we base all celebrations around food. My guess is everyone loves food so instead of learning not to like food and only eating for hunger I need to learn to not love all foods. Just kidding. I really need to work on control of what actually goes in the mouth.
After a great weekend. I weighed in this morning 2 pounds up from Friday so back at 161. OUCH. I am so tired of the up and down game. I get a fresh start today which is the best news ever but I need to not go up every weekend. Next weekend is our 11th anniversary, in a few weekends we are going to a Garth Brooks concert, and the last weekend of the month we are going to Vegas to see George strait so maybe we will start the not gaining on the weekends in Feb. oh wait My birthday is Feb 7th so maybe...see my dilemma. So portion control is the name of the game for the next few months.
Well off to do homeowrk.

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