Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan. 28, 2008

Happy Monday.

What a great weekend we had. We went to the Garth Brooks concert on Sat. night. We had really good seat. garth is great in concert, He is so entertaining. I added some pics from the concert. I was trying to take a cute pic of Shawn and I and after 8 tried I got one. I ended up liking this one the best. I was crying from laughing so hard. Shawn made the stupidest faces everytime. As you can see Matt joined in on the fun. The second is our great seats 4 rows from the stage. The last is Garth. Sun. we went to pick the kids up from Shawn's parents and Garrett is sick. He is home from school today. He can seem to stop coughing. He was up alot last night. Poor guy, please pray that he feels better and no one else gets it. We are going to see George Strait next weekend in Vegas as long as the kids aren't sick. George Strait in concert for a b-day gift. You cannot beat it.

Ok so I went shopping on Friday for a new shirt to wear to the concert and didn't have time to try it on so just bought a cute shirt in a large. I got home and it is to big. How awesome is that. I washed it in hot water and dried it and it is still to big. In my mind I am bigger then I think. I did the same thing with all my new underwear. I bought the size I thought I would be and they are still too big. Oh well I guess I will be trying things on from now on. Still felt great though.

So with the rain and stuff we are hanging low today. Garrett is curled up in the couch. I have homework and need to make corn chowder for a potluck tomorrow. All in all a lazy day of not leaving the house. Should be a good catch up on things around the house day.

Have a great rainy day and be safe.


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Tiny said...

WOW look so-ooo good (really thin) in the picture of you and Shawn! How cool is that? Keep it up sis--and I'm glad to hear the concert was fun! Give Garrett a hug for us too please! Love ya guys!