Friday, January 11, 2008

January 11, 2008
TGIF is all I have to say today. This week has been just a readjustment week. The boys are back in school, Pj back to daycare, me back to school, and a new diet. I think it is alot for 1 week but we are doing ok with it all.
I have a ton of homework this weekend for my photoraphy class. I am actually looking forward to coming up with ideas that may be a little different then the "normal" pictures my teacher sees.
Yesterday the Clay club at my school had their first meeting of the new quarter. Clay club plans artists to come visit, sales like the one I sold my jewelry at last quarter. I was nominated as Vice president by one of the girls in the club and when we voted I won. So you are now looking at the vice president. I am excited because the club is lackig orginization and I am ready to help get it going.
The diet is going well. I was going to do low carb mixed with weight watchers but now that I have been doing it a few days I am not really doing low carb. I do eat low carb bagels, tortillas, but everything has carbs and if I am doing it more to learn how to live I have decided to add the carbs back in. It is too hard to maintain a low carb lifestyle while the rest of my family is eating carbs that I have to make for their dinner. So here is what I ate for dinner the last few days.
Wed. Chicken with Fat free cream of mushroom soup, barley instead of rice and green beans with a special treat being a hawiian roll.
Thur- a huge salad with shrimp, egg, string cheese, roasted corn, garbanzo beans, and dressing.
I did have a little oops yesterday. I forgot my lunch. I had $2 in my wallet so I hit taco bell where I know there are a few things on the menu that I can have. I ordered a bean burrito fresco style, so yummy but 8 points. Oops. I did stay at my points for the day but no snack in the evening for me.
I weighed in this morning at 159.0 so down a little from Tuesday. Slower then the low carb diet for sure but the scale is still moving.
Well I am off to get ready for the weekend. We are helping out at a baby shower, and we have 2 birthday parties, and green bay plays tomorrow. Go Pack Go.


2BIG4MYSIZE said...

woo hoo for you nit giving in with that $2 and having a binge on tacos to bnlow your new diet.

So glad you are still shedding pounds now that you are no longer following that nutrtionally bankrupt plan sold on . Some many folk are afraid they will gain weight if they stop and change to a healtheir plan like you have.

OhYeahBabe said...

Best wishes to you in your weight loss! It sounds like you're doing very well. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about the dangrous Kimkins diet. The truth about Kimkins is still being uncovered, and none of it is good. I will be so relieved when the Kimkins lawsuit is done and the site is closed permanently.