Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jan. 30, 2008
Well we had a new addition to our family yesterday. My sis in law Crystal had a baby boy. Jeremiah was born via c-section yesterday morning. He was 20 in. and 7lb. 12 oz. Baby and Mommy are doing really well and we have heard that he is a handsome little guy.
Shawn is home sick today. I finally got Garrett back to school and Shawn woke up this morning with a temp of 103.5 he is doing ok right now. His temp is back down in the 100 area. He has the same cough and cold as Garrett had but much worse. He is on the couch asleep right now. I feel bad for his he can't really even stand up. So please pray he get better quickly. We are supposed to go to Vegas this weekend so hopefully no one else get sick too.
School is going really well. I think for the first time ever I get excited to go to school each day. I am sculpting for the first time. I am making a full size baby in the womb. So far I have the head done and that has take about 8 hours. I have 1 week to finish it. I just hope I can get it done.
As far as weight goes I am still taking a little break from the diet world. I am still maintaing as far as I know. I forgot to weigh myself the last 2 days. The beach trip is coming in 5 months and I am hoping to be to my goal weight by then. Bathing suit ready yikes!
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