Friday, January 4, 2008

January 4, 2008
Happy Friday everyone. Well I amde it through another day of dieting. Yesterday was by far the hardest day I have had while dieting this time. I got to the point that I took a bath to keep myself from eating. We watched a movie as a family last night and then Shawn and I watch another movie after the kids had gone to bed. I ate ice, alot of it instead of getting something else to munch on. I actually was mad that I couldn't eat what I wanted. I feel a little better in that area today. However I do have the low carb flu thing starting. It is when your body is readjusting to low carb and not living off of carbs. You get dizzy, tired, nauseus, feel like you have the flu for a day or two and then all of the sudden you feel so much better with tons of energy. Bad part about not feeling great today is it is Friday cleaning day and Shawn is having some people over for football tomorrow so I need to get the house ready for it. I guess life goes on.
I start back to school on Tuesday. I am excited to go back and see everyone and start back in my art. I am not excited about juggling classes, kids, house, life. Monday I am going to get the house all ready for 10 weeks of neglect.
I had to go to the DMV yesterday to renew my license. When I first got my notice I was bummed that I had to go. After showing Shawn he brought upp a good point. I got to change my weight on my license. What a great feeling. I also am going to get a new photo. My last one was terrible so all in all it was a good experiance.
I weighed in this morning at 160 even so down a little more from yesterday. I am just happy the scale is going doawn again.
Well have a great weekend everyone.

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