Friday, March 13, 2009

When you fall down get back up.
Well I totally fell yesterday. After turning in my 10 page paper a group from the class talked about going and getting food and maybe a cocktail. They have asked a million times and I am always turning them down. This time I decided to go. It ended up being me and one other girl from school who is another person I have been trying to hang out with for over a year so I was excited. This is the same girl who I ate lunch with a few weeks ago who blocked her food when we went out so I wouldn't have to look at it, her name is Nicole. We went out and had a cocktail bit I also haad a grilled chicken sanwhich and some potato wedges. I tried to make one of the better choices on the menu but I am sure being cooked at a bar it wasn't that healthy. The food was really good and it was worth the treat. After lunch we went to Nicole's house and she had a ton of super cute clothes for me. Nicole recently lost a bunch of weight and looks awesome. So I got Nicole's fat clothes which is ok with me because they are cute and I even got the perfect graduation dress.
Last night I had baseball for the kids and after we stopped to get them dinner. I then had a small burrito. So lets just say it wasn't my best day. Today I get back up and am back on track.
This weekend is going to be super busy. We have opening day for Little league tomorrow. I am working the booth from 8-10. Cody has a game at 10 that I will head right over to. I am taking my big teaching test tomorrow called the CSET at 1:30 in Riverside. I have to turn in pictures of my work so today I will be taking pics and getting my portfolio together. The sad part is I have to miss Garrett's first game at 3 because the test take a few hours. I am super happy that this is the last test for teaching I will have to take. Almost there, 3 months to go.
Have a great weekend. I will be on track all weekend and look forward to Monday,

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