Monday, March 9, 2009

I so overdid it yesterday. I did really well in the morning time but when it cam to lunch we stopped at McDonalds and I got a salad. The salad once I had it had a sweet sauce on it as well as corn and beans. The salad was good but I didn't eat to much because I knew it wasn't that great. Then dinner we went to jack in the box and I hate another slad and this is where I overdid it. The salad was southwest with yummy corn, a ton of black beans, cheese, and chicken which is all great and most of which I can't have in the quantities I had. So it wasn't bad stuff, it was just to much of a few things I am not supposed to eat. I did weigh in at 190.4 so up a little from Saturday. I know what I di and if I had one salad I would have been fine or as soon as i knew there was a sauce all over the chicken I should have not eaten it. oh well can't change it now.
We had a busy weekend. I posted blogs through the weekend to keep myself on track. Yesterday Cody and I had 12 assignments that he needed to catch up on for school so we spent most of the day working in that. We went to watch Shawn play hockey which is always fun because I get to chat with friends and family while I am there. Next week I am going to plan a little better and make sure we eat before we go and have dinner ready or planned when we get home to make my life a little easier and more diet safe.
I am going to the market today to get the healthy food in the house which I was supposed to do on Sat but never fit it in. I also have yet more hommework to do today.
have a good Monday,

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