Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have the worst headache today. I think the no sugar thing finally caught up with me. Yesterday during class I got it and no amount of medication has helped it. Ouch. I guess the good thing is I know I am not gettting sugar in my diet when I have withdraws from it so that is nice. I have stopped taking my iron pill and am going with my multi vitamin instead and I am already feeling better. I think the %600 iron pill and the %100 from the multi vitamin was just a little to much to quickly. I didn't have "those" issues with it but I felt just swollen in my abdomen and full of air. Hopefully this helps.
My 10 page paper is due tomorrow so today I am putting the finishing touches on it and getting it ready to turn in tomorrow. The great news is the presentation last week where I had to get up in from of everyone I got a 29% of 30% so a big fat A. I do love school and sometime I wish I coul give 110% to it or that I had in High school and junior college. I am really smart (not to toot my own horn) but I just don't always give it my all and I settle with B's. In order to graduate with honors in June I would need a 3.5 and I have a 3.2 man am I kicking myself in the butt over that one. Oh well.
I weighed in today at 189. so down again. Yesterday was kind of har once I got home for the day. I had a headache and knew sugar would fix it almost instantly so I spent the night looking through the kitchen just to look. Habit I guess. I made myself a cup of tea and filled up on water. I did however make it through the night (I got home from school at almost 10) or 1 hour without cheating. Yeah for me.
Have a good Wed.,

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