Friday, March 6, 2009

So yesterday was the day that I wanted to eat whatever I could get my hands on that was "bad" for me. I made it through school fine. I almost stopped on the way home and got fast food but I resisted and went home. Once I was home I made the kids mac and cheese and wanted to eat it so bad but instead I threw together anther mushroom pizza and ate that. I drank a ton of water and tea but made it through the night without cheating. I did however eat a few more vanilla almond then I should have but I can have them so that was ok. I have them in my car for emergency situations. I now have them out of my car because I found that everytime I got in the car I was eating them.
My presentation yesterday went pretty well. I hate getting in front of people but by 5 min in I become a loud mouth and love to answer all the questions and stuff. I am however so glad that it is over. Now school become crazy, I have a 10 page paper due in a week, more art projects, and I need to fit time to go to a museum in there somewhere. I am stressed but I always somehow make it through.
So life is crazy but super busy as usual.
So I weighed in this morning at 191.4 so still more weight gone. Yeah.
Well have a great weekend. I will post on Monday and I will be in the 180's.

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