Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well I posted a few days ago that I had fallen. Lets just say it took me a few days to get back up.
I am still having a hard time doing the low carb thing. I enjoy the quick weight loss but I am rethinking losing fast or losing for good. I think that even though I have a love/hate relationship with Weigh watchers it is the healthies choice for me. I can live and still go out on it. Low carb confines you to the house and making all of your food, it is very difficult. I am thinking that with a few people I know doing w.w. at the current time that would be very helpful as well. Although I would love to be at my goal in 3 months I know I have to be realistic with myself. I am not going to be in a bikini by June and I think I am ok with that. So today I am going to pull my w.w. books out and plan my life once again.
I am going crazy in school. I have one more day before finals next week and I am drained. I got my final review questions yesterday and I can't even understand half of them without a dictionary. Should be a fun studying weekend. Today I have to finish my senior portfolio which is a folder tat is getting me ready to graduate. It should only take a few hours. After my folder I have to paint a sculpture of Shawn that I am making and maybe I will attempt those questions later this afternoon. The good part is I planned ahead and got all of my ceramics done so that is finished and turned in. I just keep thinking 3 months 2 days until I walk as a college graduate. Yeah!!!
Have a good Wednesday,

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