Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 3 completed.
So I cheated.... J/k
funny story yesterday when PJ woke up the first thing he said to me was meatball pizza. All day he was talking about meatball pizza. For dinner I decided to make meatball pizza. I was fine having a piece of chicken or something but I got an email after I got home from picking all the ingrediants up for dinner. The email was a recipe for portabella pizza and instead of a crust you use a big mushroom. So the family had regular pizza and I ate a very yummy mushroom pizza with fresh tomato slices, a little motzarella cheese, pepper, and 1 meatball mashed all around. I was actually surprised at how yummy it turned out to be and luckily the mushrooms come in a 2 pack so I may just have one again tonight.
I weighted in this morning at 192.2 whoo hoo. The pounds are going. I am hoping to be in the 180's by the end of the weekend.
Well I am off to do a presentation for 40 people about Feminist art. Fun isn't it.

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