Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday edition
So I am using the blog to help hold my self accountable over the weekend. I had a ok day yesterday. I worked on my paper all day and Shan took the time to make me 2 eggs with cheese to make sure I was eating because I was living on coffee while typing. We went to a hockey game last night and our normal routine is to go to Chick Fil A before which I totally could have done on this diet but when we got there we couldn't find a seat so we ended up at IHOP. I scanned the menu and they had a healthy section but I was only able to have fish with broccoli and I am sorry but I wouldn't go to IHOP for fish. I ended up with an omelet with mushrooms and spinich. It was very yummy but after ordering it I read that they use a tiny bit of pancake batter to fluff the eggs which means I ate a lot of carbs last night without knowing it. Once I figured it out I only ate half of my omelet.
I weighed in this morning at 189.4 so I am in the 180's Yeah big time for me.
Today we are working on homework with the kids and then tonight we have hockey for Shawn .
Have a good Sunday,

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