Monday, May 4, 2009

Well we made it through the weekend. We went to two baseball games, fishing, and two little league games but we made it through while being diet wise. I love weight watchers because I was able to eat three meals a day plus extras and still stay on track. We went to in and out, coldstone, and McDonalds and still made good choices.
So let see what other things have bbeen going on in our lives. Shawn has been sick with a bladder infection. He had an ultrasound of the abdomine and a bunch of bloodwork done to make sure it was nothing more serious and the only thing they found was that he had a bladder infestion and that he recently bruised his spleen so he needs to take it easy for a few weeks until that heals. The only thing we can think of is that while plaaying hockey with his brothers a few weeks ago he ran the stick really hard into his stomach in the same area where the spleen is. He hasn't been able to run or exercise because he has been in pain and the doc told him to take a little time off for his spleen. He is still losing but I am not allowed to say how much in case the poeple he is competeing with at work are reading my blog.
I am in midterm and my life is crazy. I have papers like crazy to write and unfortunitly at the same time have senioritis which makes me not want to do ay of it. I am spenind the day today in my jammies catching up on homework.
Lets see our new food find for the weekend was italian seasoned turkey meat. We got it at Stater bros in the meat section. It is pre flavored raw turkey that is ground. We cooked it up and threw marinara sauce over it and then put it on whole wheat noodles. It was super yummy. The other thing we keep buying is apple dippers from vons. They are pre sliced apples in individual pouches with a little bit of caramel to dip them in. The best part is they are 1 pt and a great sweet snack.
Well off to do homework, Look for my weigh in on Wed.

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