Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I had an idea that I thought was green and kind of cute. Instead of giving a gift in a gift bag what about giving it in one of the reusable grocery bags you see everywhere now. The bags come in every pattern from leopard to flowers and the person can reuse the bag over and over. The best part is many stores seel them for $1. I did this for my sis in law and everyone thought it was a great idea. Try it out.

Ok so on to life. Yesterday was another long day of school. I did great and packed my lunch. I had a taco salad with ground lean turkey. Yummy.

Today I am studying for a midterm that I have on Thursday. I am so thankful thaat I am almost done with school. I also loked mt my schedule for credentials next fall and it is going to be rough. I will be going 3 nights a week but I will be off during the day and only go nights which is nice.

I have taken up a new hobby of reading. Megan got me turned on to the book series Twilight a few weeks ago. It is a teen book series about vampires and love. I started reading it about 2 weeks ago. The series is 4 books all of which are 500-750 pages a piece. I actually am not a big reading fan. I however loved the series I finished all 4 books, 2500 pages in 2 weeks. It was easy reading and I am now looking for what I can read next.

So I weighed in at 189.4 this morning. I am officially in the 180's again and have lost about 11 pounds. Wow, that is alot of weight when you think about it. I still have alot to go just to fit into my last years summer clothes but I can do it.

Ok well I am off to study. have a great Wed.


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