Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day.
I knew that I wouldn't have time to post tomorrow so I am doing a holiday edition today. We just got back from our relaxing weekend in Big Bear. It was a much needed time of no plans and alot of laying around and doing nothing. We went fishing on Sat. but for the most part our days were spent in our cabin reading, doing puzzles, and hanging out as a family. I had no idea how bad I needed a weekend away until I was up there with no computer, homework, etc. to keep me off balance. Sunday our good friend Matt drove up and we all went to Thelma's (our favorite little resteraunt) for lunch and then we BBq for dinner. It was nice just to be away from it all.
We packed all of our meals except for one which we knew we were going to go to Thelma's for. I was great on my diet all weekend. I didn't cheat once. I did take the smallest bite of a cookie and then spit it out because it wasn't worth the cheat. Shawn laughed at me but I felt like I was in power by spitting it out. I was nervous to weigh in today when we got home but I did it anyways and was pleasently surprised. 182.2 so down 1.5 pounds from Friday. I am thrilled that I was able to go out of town and out to dinner and still stick to the diet and lose at that.
Talk to y'all on Wed.

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Tiny said...

I'm really proud of you Ali. It's been fun to read your blog lately and hear how encouraged you are by the success you've been experiencing! :O) Way to go!