Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well here is my laptop table so far. The table is the one I am making from recycled materials. When it is done it will be all black with a plexiglass inlay to protect the glass of the window. I am having so much fun in the class. I really wish I had taken it awhile ago. I would love to learn more and have more time to make stuff under a teachers supervision and the advice is the best.
Lets see another good diet day yesterday. I forgot my lunch so ran to the local market and picked a few things up to get me through the day. String cheese and low carb yogurt are my favorites still.
Shawn's friend Jimmy is flying in tomorrow to stay with us for a few days. Shawn and Jim are going fishing in Bishop over the weekend so I get to do b-day parties, baseball, and 3 papers while they are gone. The house is in good shape but I am doing the little thing today like making sure the floor is mopped and the boys rooms are clean.
We are heading to a Quakes game tonight for hotdogs and getting the kidds out of the house so that I don't have to clean it again tomorrow. We love the Quakes games. It is the best time to hang out as a family and the kids really enjoy them.
Ok well I weighed in at 181 today. I am hoping to hit 20 lost by this weekend. I actually had 4 people at school yesterday tell me that they can tell I am losing weight. I hadn't told anyone I was so that was really uplifting.
24 days until I am a college graduate and this means 23 days until we leave for the beach trip Whoohoo.
talk to ya soon,

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