Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am starting to realize that in 31 days I will be graduating from college. I am starting to get nervous about it now. I will pass on my classes so I am not worried about that. It seems like I have spent the last 13 years in college trucking towards the goal of graduating andd now I am here and I have no idea what to do next. They do not prepare you for being a college grad. I feel like have the skills I learned aren't real world skills and on the other hand I still feel like I have so much that I have not learned. I have 4 1/2 weeks of school left and at 2 classes a week that is 9 classes. Totally freaking me out. Ok well now that I have vented on with my life.
Life hasn't been any unnormal lately. We are doing the school, baseball, and normal house stuff. I am excited because we are going on a mini vacation this weekend to Big Bear. I totally need a vacation. I am however going to be taking all my books and computer to work on some papers but life wouldn't be complete without having to lug my 2000 page art book around. So Shawn is planning some hikes for us and other who knows what activites.
Diet is still going awesome. I have people telling me now that they are starting to tell that I am losing so that is awesome. I weighed in this morning at 184.2 so down another pound. I feel like I have so much more energy finally and feel like I just want to keep moving which is one of the benefits of low carbing. I seem too averaging 1/2 a day and with 31 days until our family beach trip and my college graduation I am hoping to lose 15 more pounds for a total of about 30 pounds before the big events. I did however have to break out my smaller sized jeans yesterday which was cool I put on my old ones and they are getting so big in the butt and waist. Yeah!!!

So I don't have a green tip today so I decided to share my stupid useless art knowledge. I think everyone on the planet has seen the above picture by Van Gogh titled Starry night. Well did you know that art historians went back to the year that they know it was painted and have looked at astronomical records and they have pinpointed that is was painted in Sept. because the stars in the sky are in the exact allignment in the sky in the picture as they were in Sept. of the year it was painted in the real sky. So he wasn't just painting, he was painting exactly what he saw.
Ok well I am off to take Garrett to his 12 year old physical this morning.

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