Friday, May 22, 2009

I got my class ring yesterday. It is setting in more and more each day that I am graduating. I tried to take a pic of my real ring but that didn't work very well so I am using this pic so you get an idea. I got it in silver and the stones purple, it says my school name and my grad year. I love it.
My arm is killing me today. Yesterday I worked on my table at school and for a cut that I needed to do on the legs there is no power tool that can be used so I had to use a saw, chisel, and hammer for about 2 hours. My arm is dead today.
We are leaving this evening for a little vacation to Big Bear. We so need a weekend off. I am really looking forward to hanging with just my family. Shawn has some hiking planned and maybe some fishing. I am looking forward to sitting and reading in the sun.
I weighed in this morning at 183.6 so down again. I am feeling so much better already. When I am losing weight I actually want to get dresses each day and try to look cute. It is hard at 200 lbs to feel cute.
Alright well I am off to get packed, clean and all that good stuff. Have a great LONG weekend,

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