Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weigh in day....
I weighed in at 190.4 down from 193.something last week. I was hoping to get in the 180's but next week I will be there. I don't mind losing slower because it is so much easier to stick with. I guess I can't have it like last time and lose all the weigh really quickly without learning how to eat to keep it off.
School is going really well. I feel a little overrun by it but I just keep think I only have 6 weeks until I graduate from college. Cool just to type it. I am feeling overwhelmed because Tues I go from 8am - 9pm with 2 10 min breaks. It is a really long day and it drains me. I have been doing well and packing good foods. I do have a microwave and fridge in the ceramics studio so I do take a lunch break during class so that I get to my points for the day. I just realized that I write about school an aweful lot and I have never posted any pictures of where I spend all my time. I will have to remedy that soon.
Well I am off to write a paper and hopefully get time today to hit the market and clean up the house a little.

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Matt Jones said...

Only 6 more weeks!!! Then the Quakes!