Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is happening to education in the state of California? Last night while in class the professor shared a news article with us about the terrible test scores some of the local schools have on standard tests. I was very pleased that not one of the schools was in Etiwanda where our kids go but many of the schools were in Fontana and the surrounding area. I woke up this morning to the same information on the news. We also got a phone call from our school district yesterday saying the 80 teachers in our districts are getting pink slips in the next few months.
As a future educator who is currently in school to be a teacher what does this mean? Well first I can't ignore it because every time I go to class it is talked about. I am currently spending thousands of dollars to pursue my dream of being an art teacher. I can't let all of this talk convince me to do something else. The one thing I am relying on is
1. There has to be an upswing in jobs eventually. The state cannot keep firing teachers because we still have kids that need to be taught.
2. I have a specialized credential. As a teacher you have two choices. The first is to get a multiple subject credential and teach elementary. The second is to get a single subject in a certain subject like I am doing. This means that if a teaching job in art opens up they must hire someone with an art credential. They cannot hire someone with a math credential to teach art. So this is good for me if a way.
3. Many of the local art teachers are reaching retirement age and looking to be replaced in the next few 1-5 years. So even if I don't find a job on my first year I know there will be one in the next few years.
So as I face this everyday I know that the future in teaching isn't ideal, I know that teaching is always a necessity, and I know that teaching is what I really want to do. So as I go deeper in debt to fulfill my dream pray for my future job because I know it is out there waiting for me.

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