Monday, March 8, 2010

Did you know that on most diets you are allowed a cheat meal and it won't affect your results greatly? I am so thankful that I get a cheat meal once a week. I did great all day Sat. and packed snacks for the baseball field. Sunday I actually got to spend the whole day with my family. It was perfect and much needed.
Sunday we decided to take the kids bowling. We had a free coupon so off we went. The kids love bowling. After bowling we decided to go to lunch/dinner at islands. Looking at the menu there were a few choices that would have been good but they were all vegetarian and I was in the mood for a burger. I got a mushroom hamburger on a wheat bun. It was delicious. I ate a few fries but they weren't that great so it made not eating them easy. The burger was great and it was the only meal I ate for the day. I had a pear and some dried fruit, nut, but did great to keep my calories low before and after the meal. Cheat for the week done!
So on Friday I was saying how I was going to make trail mix. I did and it is yummy. I got raw cashews, peanuts, organic raisins, and yogurt chips threw them all in a ziplock and done. he kids love it and have eaten more then I have. Shawn even ate it as a snack at the baseball field and was impressed. I think we have a winner.
So my other fun adventure this weekend was making my own dishwasher soap. I heard it was easy and much cheaper to make you own dishwasher soap but was always leery on actually doing it. I went to but some on Friday and decided to buy the ingredients to make my own instead. The box I was going to get was $6.00 I got all of the stuff for mine for $3.00 and it makes twice as much as the $6.00 box. I got a plastic container to store it in and it worked really well. I was surprised.
 So here is the recipe.
equal parts borax and baking soda mix it in a container. Use 2 tablespoons for a load of dishes. Its really tough I know. So if you want to save a little money try it.
Ok well off to get some homework done for the week. The kids both have baseball tonight so figuring out a portable dinner to take or something filling to eat at 4pm to hold us all over for the night.

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