Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey everyone,
I feel great today. I had a ton of homework but it wasn't bad because I was in a great mood. Isn't it funny how if you eat the right things you body feels so much better. If I stuff myself and eat terrible stuff I feel terrible so why do I do it? No idea. I just know that I have been on this for 11 days and I have energy and feel good.
So how funny is it that I say I love something on my blog and the people who make the product respond. I really do love the Coconut bliss bars:) if you ever go to Henry's pick them up, unless you don't like coconut and then maybe don't. Or do and if there not your thing you can pass them on to me:)Naked Coconut Bars
As for the gross quinoa my friend Ali explained that it may have been gross because it sprouted. I think she may have been right. I am going to give it another try once I go buy a new box.
So what else is going on..... Hmmmm. My good friend Nicole who I went to school with is moving back to New York. Last night I went to dinner with her and I did great. I had a steak dinner. Why is that so good? I ate half the steak which is protein,  half of my dinner salad(would have had more but it was swimming in ranch), some steamed veggies, and a half of a baked potato plain. I say that was a success. I didn't gain this morning so yay for me.
Well I guess that is it for today. See y'all tomorrow.


Kiley said...

Thanks again for the shout out! I love stopping by the blogs of people who are talking about us :)
We are very grateful for our customers and enjoy being able to tell them thank you is the least we can do.
Kiley from Coconut Bliss

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