Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am down 9 pounds today. I feel great and I eat all the time. I think I found something I can do long term:)
I sound like an infomercial. Sorry!
I eat a ton of dried and fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts, eggs, salads, chicken, avocado, and a few new choices. I did try something called Quinoa it's like a grain you use instead of rice. It was terrible! It wasn't good at all. So no more quinoa for me. My favorite treat is called coconut bliss bars. They are coconut ice cream bars that are healthy. Mmm they are really yummy.
So other than the diet like is busy as usual. Seems like Shawn and I see each other on the weekends and Monday and then the rest of the week we literally see each other for about 1 hour at night. Next quarter I go back to two nights so life will be a little easier. Right now it is crazy because Shawn has baseball every night while I am at school so non stop.
On another note I have a sister in law who showed me hoop exercising at Thanksgiving. I thought is was cool. I talked to her again and she keeps inviting me to come to her classes. For the fun of it I made a hula hoop and tried it.  That thing fell right to the floor. No kidding I couldn't get it to stay on my waist for anything. I have been trying everyday since last Thursday and I think I am finally getting somewhere I can keep it on my waist for about 2 minutes. No tricks yet but I am addicted to figuring this out. So check this out I attached a video of something similar to what my sister in law does and it is amazing. It isn't the best video out there but it's the easiest to see and she isn't wearing a bikini which seems to be common because it helps the hoop stay up. So that's the newest fun in my life.
Ok well have a great Wed.


Kiley said...

Hi Ali,
This is Kiley from Coconut Bliss, I'm delighted to hear that the bars are your favorite treat. We've been handing them out at meetings with vendors all week and they always bring smiles.
Blissful Regards,

Anonymous said...

Lady! We just started making quinoa. Our kids love it. We love it. It's a hit. We put it on the table and told them it was a special kind of circle rice. So far, I've just made it with chicken broth instead of water, but it's good! Christel bought some a while back and said that they had sprouted and it was terrible. All I know - give it another try. It's grub... Really - you eat cous cous - you should like quinoa..... A.