Thursday, March 11, 2010

I broke the plateau of 199.8, I got stuck for over a week. (yes I weigh in everyday) anyways I am down 2 pounds this morning. What a relief.
So with that said I did my first teaching demo last night where I had to show a class of my piers how to do an art project as if they were students. I think I rocked. I think the teacher loved it as well and she is hard to please. She loved that I had options for the kids and lots of fun and unique ideas using recycled materials. All in all it was a success.
I am in my last 2 weeks of school and my house, family, and I are all feeling it. I have been doing homework pretty much non stop. I have managed to keep up the laundry and the dishes but I need a maid to keep up with my kids and everything else. I keep apologizing to Shawn and he keeps saying don't worry about it I haven't had tome either. Shawn has had baseball for the boys every night since last Sat. and we don't get a break from that until this coming Sunday. Life is hectic but when we have down time we aren't sure what to do with ourselves.
So I can't think if I mentioned this or not but my Grandpa is back in the hospital. He has a bacteria infection in his blood and a bruise on his head from falling. The bruise is making him moody and irritable. Yesterday was his birthday and he spent it in the hospital. I so want to go break him out and taking him golfing or something I know he loves. Maybe when he moves back to the home he will be well enough to come out and play:)
Ok well off to do more homework,

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