Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So I am a little frustrated. I have been sticking to my diet 100% except for the Islands burger this weekend. Even with the burger i was still within my calories for the day. Despite all if it I gained a pound this week. I know week 2 can do this but it still doesn't make it feel better. So anyways I will stick to it and if next week I haven't lost I will rethink the diet. I can't complain over all because I still am down 9 pounds in 2 weeks. So I am looking at the up side and getting on with the week.
Last night the kids had their first baseball games of the season. I threw on my thermals, 2 sweaters, a big jacket, gloves, scarf, and down blanket and sat at the park for 5 hours. It was still cold but both kids won their games so it was well worth it.
This week is a busy school week. I have to present an art lesson to the head art lady on campus. I am nervous but excited. I have some great ideas. My art project is recycled art which means that all of the items have to be used items or things that you can recycle. So far I have made fish using 2 liter and shampoo bottles, a mobile using fused plastic bags, and my favorite a light bulb vase with soda can flowers (See above image) I have to teach the other students in my class as if they are high school age kids how to do an art project. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.
Ok well I am off to do some more homework.

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