Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorry it has been awhile again. The last few weeks have been crazy. I was in finals which is always tough but the kids were on spring break and wanted to go do stuff. We had a good week and went to the beach to my grandpa's house and got it clean and ready to turn the keys over to the new owners. We stayed until Friday and when we got home Shawn called and I had to drive back to City of Industry because he had lost his keys while golfing. Once we got home again I got a phone call from my Mom that my Grandpa had passed away. So all in all it has been very busy, hectic, and sad all rolled into one.
I am on spring break this week so I am spending my days sewing a few things for a baby shower that is coming up in a month. I sat down to sew yesterday and my machine (which is from like 1960) wasn't working right. I had been saving up to buy a new dining room table but decided that my table is fine and I went and bought myself a new sewing machine with the money. I am so excited to sit down and see what this baby can do.
So the last few weeks have been tough but I am doing well. I am glad that my Grandpa had a great life. He dies peacefully and he was ready to go. He had gotten tot he point where he couldn't golf, drive, go out, or even watch tv. He said he lived a very fulfilling life and was't able to live the quality of life he wanted to be living anymore. So I am sad but I am relieved that he went peacfully and without pain.
Well I am off to sew. We are going out of town for easter and to get away from life for the weekend.
Have a very Happy easter.
I attached a pic of my grandpa with my brother and my super cute niece Emily. I have ones with my family but was being lazy and didn't want to dig them out and scan them. We will miss you Grandpa Don.

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Tiny said...

What a sweet picture Ali. Grandpa Don looks so happy! I'm sure your niece as well as your own three boys brought much joy to his heart. :) I'm glad he went peacefully but am still sorry for your loss...