Monday, January 25, 2010

Well it's Monday which means weigh in day. I lost .2 which I am pleased with after a long and not so good eating weekend. Sat. I had the chance to go with Shawn and all the guys to a U.S. mens soccer game. Before the game we went out to eat and I ate. I walked a bunch on Sat. but Sunday was another rough day of homework ALL day, stress about my grandpa, and life in general. I ate yesterday as well. I am back on plan today and hope that life doesn't throw me any curve balls.
School is so much harder this quarter then it has been in my entire college experience. There are teachers that seem to thing that their class is the only class you are taking and give you a ton of work, reading, and projects. unfortunately I am taking three classes and all three think that their class is my only class. I am up to my eyeballs in thing to do and don't feel like doing any of them. Bad combo! I worked all day yesterday and it looks like I will be spending today and tomorrow in this chair as well. only a year and a half to go.
So my Grandpa is in the hospital still. He is weak and can't do anything for himself. He had an MRI and they found that his brain is shrinking which is normal but it is causing him to lose mobility sometimes in his arms and legs. With the lose of mobility he trips a lot causing all his broken bones ( rib, wrist, and foot) He also has liver problems, among other issues. He is losing a ton of weight and looks fragile. I am having issues because my grandpa has always been the hard ass, tough one, of the family and I can't bring myself to see him fragile and medicated. Ok enough about that.
I did by the way eat like 2 quarts of veggies soup on Friday to stay on diet. I needed something sweet and thank goodness I had pumpkin and spice cake on hand so I made muffins. I'm really trying.
Well have a good Monday.
Thanks for letting me vent.

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